Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Advantage for HR Managers Offer your employees the American Dream – Home Ownership! Build loyalty into your employer/employee relationship by serving as a respected source for information and services in the complicated process of buying or building a home, consolidating debts, financing home improvements, and improving credit scores.

The program includes:

  • Personal Credit/Home Loan Counseling
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Discounted closing costs
  • For Sale by Owner Marketing Assistance Program/material
  • Buyers Agent Program

Many employees are in need of extra help with: debt management, investment advice, credit repair and provide a full understanding of their financing options. This program is the first step to improving your companys employee benefit program. Our Benefit Program is so easy to implement.

No expense. No effort. No time.

Benefits Summary

  • A home financing discount for employees that costs your company nothing
  • Monthly educational seminars including free educational materials and resources to help your employees make informed financing decisions
  • Credit counseling to help employees manage debt, build assets and increase stability
  • Opportunities to hold on site seminars and other employee events
  • The Employee Mortgage Program helps your employees achieve the dream of home ownership with purchasing and refinancing options that meet their immediate and long-term financial goals – at absolutely no cost to your company. We offer convenient services and knowledgeable support, accessible online, by phone, and in person.
  • Easy on-line applications and quick approval decisions, right over the phone.
  • Competitive rates and fees.