100% Financing

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. offers several programs like VA Loans and FHA Loans are available now and also allow for NO Mortgage Insurance in some cases.

VA Loan Program also offers veterans 100% financing. Maximum loan amount is currently at $417,000.00. Couple this 100% financing with 4% seller paid closing cost and you have no cash layout.

FHA Loans offer 97% financing and in some circumstances 100% financing is possible with the use of an approved Grant program. FHA allows up to 6% seller paid closing cost.

NHHFA Loans provide a cash assistance grant equal to a maximum of 4% of the loan amount to help borrowers defray the cost of down payment, closing costs, and prepaid escrow expenses associated with purchasing a home.

Rural Housing Loans provide up to 102% financing and can be just the right mortgage choice if you dont earn a big income or have limited savings.