First Time Home Buyers — Getting Started


COMMITMENT – Despite the fact that it seems like a given, a Commitment to purchase a home is probably one of the most important aspects of making the decision to be a homeowner. A solid commitment by all parties involved, will ensure that all bases are covered and that everyone is on the same page during the careful planning required.

PLANNING – Careful planning is paramount when considering homeownership. Although your Loan Officer and Real Estate Broker are there to help, only the individual can plan accordingly for the time, collection of documents, appointments and viewing of properties.  Don’t forget that your job is still the most important part of your day. Planning for the upcoming appointments and meetings should be done well in advance if possible. Remember to KEEP all of your appointments.

BUDGET- While budget seems that it should be part of commitment and planning, history shows us that most individuals don’t spend enough time budgeting for their big investment. Simple things like “Payment Shock”, property taxes, utilities, unforeseen repairs and updates, are just a few of the extra payments to plan for. Your Loan Officer will go over all the additional payments to plan for during your initial consultation and application.

KNOWLEDGE – Can never be downplayed. In fact, our comprehensive consultation and prequalification process, will provide you with a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time. However, keep in mind that as with any new venture, self-study and research should always be an ongoing part of homeownership. For starters, you can navigate your way through our user friendly web site to begin the research process. You can utilize some of our tools, such as calculators that are available within the “BestNHMortgages” web site.