First Time Home Buyers!


Enjoy hassle-free home buying with our perfected purchase process

  • Get PRE-APPROVED…… before you shop for your new home – and get more bargaining power.
  • We can match you with a trusted real estate agent here in New Hampshire or Massachusetts area. Our Partnered agents ensure a seamless home-buying experience.
  • Our exclusive mortgage programs allow you to buy a home with a minimal down payment. Some mortgage programs offer 100% financing. USDA LOANS, RURAL HOUSING, and FHA LOANS, require only 3.5% down payment and in many cases, your down payment can be a gift from a relative or nonprofit organization.

Why you should choose Tom O’Brien

  • Tom’s experience, 24/7 service and dedication to his clients, is why the area’s top realtors choose him as their preferred lender. He offers his clients industry leading mortgage rates on Jumbo, VA, USDA, FHA, and Conventional mortgage products.

Tom has funded thousands of loan transactions throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts during his career. He has been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. During this period of time, he has established himself as one of the hardest working loan officers in the industry.

 Our most popular loan options for first-time home buyers

    Purchase your home with only 3.5% down. Closing costs can be a gift from a relative!
    Our most popular mortgage. Purchase your home with as little as 3% down or less than 3% equity. Get a low payment and the security your rate won’t change for the life of your loan.
    No down payment, private mortgage insurance (PMI), or flexible credit requirements, make the VA loan a top choice for veterans and active military members.

Learn more about buying your first home

First-Time Homebuyers

Now is the perfect time to purchase, refinance or rehab. Take advantage of the lowest interest rates and home prices in years with little to no money down! Affordable financing options include FHA, NHHFA, USDA Rural Housing and VA government loans.

Contact Tom to learn more about these affordable options and to get started today. Pre-Qualifications are complimentary!

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