Why Tom?

Tom O'Brien Mortgages in NH & MA

Multiple Lending Sources

  • We have Access to multiple lenders… through out the United States that Local banks, credit unions and real estate companies, generally don’t have…– They rely on a couple of partner institutions for their mortgage business. As you’ve no doubt heard, lenders will compete for your business! Tom O’Brien and Mortgage Equity Partners, LLC works with over 120 different loan programs and over 12 of the largest lending institutions to find better deals.
  • A commitment to service… Banks generally offer mortgages to bank Customers as an ancillary service; it’s not their primary focus. Often, you will be simply “passed off” to their partner after a single conversation. At Mortgage Equity Partners LLC, We have a single, proven successful purpose: Mortgage Banking!
  • Access to better rates. We are a direct lender…NOT A BROKER… Mortgage brokers claim to have access to many different loan sources and they do. However, the large national lenders that offer the best rates only offer them to mortgage bankers. For example, we sell many of our loans directly to Freddie Mac (the government-run home financing institution). Your local mortgage broker can’t do that. It’s the difference between paying wholesale and retail.
  • More control over the entire lending process: As a mortgage banker, we will prepare your closing documents ourselves, locally here in Nashua NH. And provide the funds for your closing with our own check. We are not at the mercy of a third party for these services. We approve 95% of our loans, without sending it out to a lender for review. Mortgage brokers rely on the end lender for these services, which means less control over the entire lending process.

Tom works with many experienced realtors though out New Hampshire, Mass and Maine. Here are the top six reasons why Tom is a Loan Consultant of Choice with his local realtor partners:

  • Approves buyers quickly and accurately
  • Keeping ALL parties (Realtors and clients) informed throughout the process providing the straight scoop up front with No surprises
  • Always closing  the loans ON TIME
  • Provides assistance to his realtor partners with business development
  • Easily accessible after hours/7 days a week

My commitment is to build TRUST throughout the loan process and have better educated homeowners upon closing.

“I don’t make promises..I make commitments”